Our Mission


Our MISSION is to help people dead or alive. Over the years we have taken pride in our scientific approach to ghost hunting and by combining this with the use of our own sensitivies, we feel we have an advantage in not only finding ghosts, but communicating with them as well.  We can help the spirit crossover or help people who are troubled by paranormal activity in their lives. There are no guarrantees with these matters,but GHOST SOLDIERS are willing to fight for what is right.  Don't forget, ghosts were people too. 

We believe everyone deserves to know that spirits do indeed exist and can interact with the living. If you need assistance with paranormal activity, we can provide answers based on real evidence. We are here to serve your needs, and make your life with paranormal activity easier to understand and deal with and if we can't help we can refer you to someone who can.

Pat McCormack
Ghost Soldiers Paranormal, Founder and Lead Paranormal Investigator



Ghost Soldiers is a team of paranormal researchers on a quest for real evidence.  Our scientific approach and our openess to increasing our own sensitivities, can cut down on the time it takes to find a ghost. That gives us more time to document any anomalies, and allows us to communicate with spirits sooner and help them if possible.  We are adept at EVP gathering and this allows us to talk to them and establish a dialogue so that we can help them crossover if they want.  Pat McCormack is a former veteran of the military who bring engineering and scientific knowledge to advancing paranormal investigation techniques. Respect for the living and the dead is a primary driver for our team of associates.

GHOST SOLDIERS have been guiding people on paranormal adventures for years. We understand the history of the area and we want to share it with our guests. We believe in what we do so much that we actually invite people to come along with us on our investigations and watch them experience something paranormal first hand!!!  That is usually when they go from skeptic to believer!  The fun for us is watching their faces when they hear an EVP for the first time and sharing our knowledge with people who are interested.  Watch our ON DEMAND videos for free.

Some of our favorite places to investigate!!!


If you are looking for a fun time and a great ghost hunt, check out the Burlington County Prison Museum in Mount Holly, NJ!  This place is loaded with paranormal activity and during October, they hold a haunted maze in the prison yard.  It is fun for the family as well as professional ghost hunters!!!  Marisa Bozarth is the curator and welcomes qualified ghost teams to come investigate on a saturday night.  It is absolutely haunted and guarranteed to make you shiver! At one time it housed Albert Desalvo, the Boston Strangler! Killers like Wesley Warner and Joel Clough were hung here for murder and burried in the prison yard. Talk about haunted! Like Ron said; "...if you come here and can't find something,  you are doing it wrong, because the Ghost Soldiers came here and found all kinds of stuff and the next day I say my first ghost. Real Ghost. I thought it was a person, but we were closed and the doors were locked, no kidding." The cook is still chopping carrots in the kitchen, so listen for chopping sounds. This place rocks and will not disappoint.

This historic house on the Monocacy Battlefield, has been restored to its original beauty. Just walking the grounds here is like being back in history. And yes, there are spirits here, but they are from the house and friendly, for the most part.



Lakehurst NAS, New Jersey. Crash site of LZ-129 Hindenburg in 1937. Ghost Soldiers completed several missions for the military at this base including helping the souls of the Hindenburg get peace.